Speakers That Play And Charge Devices At The Same Time-At CES 2013

braven 850 bluetooth speakerCES 2013 is where all the action is right now. Displaying endless series of consumer electronic products, some imagined and some unimaginable, the biggest consumer electronics show never ceases to put up its little surprises. Although this year’s CES has not been billed or rated that high considering the cold show by many electronics majors, still there are no ends of little surprises as I said.

While we have been looking at everything from ultra HD TVs to wireless chargers, there is this small segment that many of us may give a miss, but is definitely one of the eye catchers considering its from the audio electronic industry. Gone are the days when docks used to be the mainstay of on the move music experience. Fast forward to today and bluetooth speakers are the in thing.

While these are nothing new to audio experience electronics, its definitely a new experience to have speakers that play your music and at the same time charge your tablet or mobiles. Pleasing ain’t it? The Braven 850 Bluetooth speakers really made me happy with this functional integration and also the simply great utility that allows a pair of Braven 850 Bluetooth speakers to pair with each other and deliver an amazing audio experience in the outdoors and on the move.

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