Affordable And Usable Touchscreen Table-The Playsurface

Affordable and usable is a tag we love with our dream gadgets. While most people dream about having a Microsoft Surface, now known as PixelSense on their living room tables or on their office tables, the price tag on it stops their dreams from being closer to reality.

The Playsurfaceis a kickstarter project that had drawn a lot of attention when it was launched as a project. Fast forwarded to CES 2013, the company was showing off actual working units. The Playsurface unlike other competing shared touchscreen surfaces are affordable and open. The Playsurface is aimed at providing educational initiatives a better way to make use of such technologies alongwith providing people a cheap shared touchscreen option with the qualitative performance of the best in business.

For more on what the Playsurface is capable of check out this video.