Chevrolet Volt: The most loved car again



The Chevrolet Volt has been rated the world’s most loved car by Consumer Reports yet again. This car from General motors had initially received lots of flak for its lower sales count and cold demand. However its definitely proving to be very hot in terms of owner satisfaction which is skyhigh. According to the user feedback report around 92 percent of those who responded to the survey amongst the subscribers of Consumer Reports said that they would definitely buy the car again. This is a tremendous mandate for the Volt. The Chevy Volt had been launched with a plug in hybrid in the later 2010 period, which uses a lithium ion battery powered motor that can travel up to 38 miles in electric mode before a gasoline-powered generator kicks on to run the motor. The Volt can run for 900 miles on full charge and a full gas filling once a month, which is a fuel efficiency dream if nothing more.

The Chevrolet Volt is priced from $39,145 and is great for people who wish to boot their fuel bills and get a auto machine they love. For more check here