Chevy MyLink- Get All The Smartphone Features On Your Dashboard


According to CNET -Cabin tech interfaces receive a lot of criticism for being clunky, ugly, and slow. But Chevrolet has impressed everyone in CES 2013 by planting the features of the smartphone on the deck.It included  the new generation of the MyLink infotainment system which runs smoothly and employs icons that can be rearranged like those on a smartphone.

Drivers of the new Impala will be able to put the interface into edit mode and move icons around on the touch screen similar to iPhone. The system better suited to cars as there are only eight icons per screen and the icons cover all the important apps which are necessary for the car like Pandora, Navigation,Internet Radio,Kalike for news.

For quick access to functions the user will be able to save four icons on the top while using the navigation. Also those icons will remain static when the driver shifts to different functions like music playback menu or pandora.

The striking feature over here is that the driver can save, virtually anything in the system to one of the 60 available favorites such as phone number, destinations, music genre or a radio station. These favorites can be customized by the driver where he can not just only put numbers but also graphics where ever required on the display. The system comes with updated navigation maps, stored on the system’s flash drive.

The main feature that MyLink carries out is to restrict the driver from using his cellphone , for which it has an extra slot too to keep the smartphone under the display also it covers up all the features the driver needs while reading on the screen

This new version of MyLink will come out on the 2014 Chevy Impala later this year.