Coke Vending Machine Redefined

Intel’s core i7 processor, the first bell that rings in the neo cortex of your brain is a sophisticated notebook for finest gaming and graphics. Think Again!

The new ultra cool Coca-Cola Vending Machine by Intel shows of the use of the powerful processor that can capture HD data at 1080p,has a Wi-Fi connection and a amazingly big 46-inch multi-touch display, a QR code reader along with the dispenser, money and change holder slot. Wouldn’t surprise me if you were caught watching a movie on it.

The imaging helps the company capture important customer information and thus enhance future profiling.

 I have seen the future of Coca-Cola, and it has Intel inside.

The machine has touched parts of South America. It uses an independent microprocessor which is much more efficient than a machine that is iPad compatible.

So next time you want to buy a coke, don’t get bored for few seconds of wait…simply put “Coke Inside, Technology Outside”!