Dell XPS 14- “The Long Lasting Ultrabook”(Review)

XPS 14 was released on 14th march 2012. All the features which were missing in the Dell XPS 13 are included in the improved updated version of Dell XPS 14. It has got some great features which make you love it but it has some few cons which will make you to think again.
lets go through the specs of DELL XPS 14 and make the right choice.

Battery Life
This device is loaded with 8 cell Li-Polymer battery. When you use this notebook for regular uses such as web surfing, writing and playing games its battery life lasts till 8Hrs which is the best battery life ever experienced in a notebook.

Unfortunately, the battery is not removable so if you really need some extra energy, which will be rare with its 8 cell battery, you can use Timbuk2 power commute or Phorce Bags.

Thanks to both the improvements put into Windows 8 itself as well as its use of an SSD drive, the XPS 14 starts up in just a few seconds. It also quickly starts up from its “sleep” mode. Hopefully, the days of waiting and waiting for a notebook to start up when you push a power button will be well behind us in the near future. Its 65W AC adaptor is really small and easy to carry everywhere.

The innovative design of XPS 14 enables an expansive 14” display in a compact body similar to a 13” XPS 13 laptop. Its razor-thin 20.7mm profile and less weight compared to other normal 14” laptops. But it is little heavy for ultrabook series.

No detail has been overlooked — even the keyboard and touchpad on XPS 14 are a pleasure to use. The full-size backlit keyboard illuminates your work so you can be productive in low-light situations.

The body of Dell XPS14 is made up of carbon fibre.  The keyboard is using magnesium. The top of the notebook is made up of aluminum finish which resists the fingerprints at the top. All in all, this is not a flimsy notebook and should hold up well with a lot of use, which should make the owners, particularly those who travel a lot, quite happy as it is fast, durable and easy.

The notebook itself has curved out its edges. Even the backlit keyboard buttons have a somewhat curved design. It gives the notebook more of a modern and slicker look than the normal laptop. Overall, typing on the keyboard is solid and comfortable also the backlit key feature is helpful when the notebook is used at night. The included touchpad is also well designed and easy to use for those folks who want to use the desktop UI and don’t have a handy mouse around.

The bottom of the case contains a vent that pushes out the air from the XPS 14’s fan. You likely won’t hear the fan too much unless you are playing a “Modern” Windows 8 game. It has a 1.3 MP camera with dual arrey digital microphones which can be used for video calling and chatting through skype.

This notebook has all of its ports on the left and right side. There are no ports on the front or back side. Each side has a small speaker, and they deliver good, but not great, audio output. The left side of the XPS 14 has the power jack, HDMI port, LAN port, two USB 3.0 port and mini-Display Port. Its right hand side contains the headphone jack. It doesn’t have a MicroSD card slot.

Processor and RAM
It comes with 3rd generation Intel core i5/i7 Processors which are better than most of the 2nd generation and 1st generation processors. Thus the speed of ultrabook is better than most of the laptops and tablets present in the market. It also comes with 4GB/8GB DDR3 RAM which is really good.

It contains Intel QS67 Express Chipset which is not made for high end applications such as high end PC games. So most hardcore PC gamers won’t be able to use this device as their portable gaming computer. We can expect that it was made for a casual PC users or one who travels a lot on business. Perhaps if you shell off extra bucks you can upgrade it with dedicated NVIDIA graphics processor inside Windows 8 notebook.


  • It’s screen cannot be tilted completely which affects the view to some users who are standing or watching at a particular angle.
  • It’s too heavy for ultrabook series.
  • Cannot be used for high end gaming unless it is upgraded.
  • It’s vent should had been at the sides as there are more chances of it becoming hot faster with vents in the base.

If you are thinking of goin for XPS 14 then it is really cool piece of device which is faster and durable. It is a good laptop to travel with as it has amazing battery life. But if you want to use it for high end gaming it is seriously not worth going for this device and paying extra bucks for just gaming upgrades. This device is available at the price range of $1099.

Machine Happy Ratings:

Performance- 4/5

Design- 3.5/5

Value- 3.2/5