Difference Between Windows 8 and Windows RT

Windows 8 and Windows RT have same UI and look almost same. Both of them have windows in their name and are released on the same date. Also Windows 8 and Windows RT look nearly identical, with the new tile-based Start Screen UI and the available desktop mode. Then you might be thinking,”what’s the difference between both of them.”


Windows RT is a tablet- and mobile-focused OS, while Windows 8 is a full-featured PC operating system. They look the same but behave entirely differently, which, obviously, leaves room for confusion.

The different features which shows the difference both of them are:


Windows 8 will be available to purchase as a standalone upgrades in the retail stores and online. This is not the case with Windows RT, it is available only on the built in specific devices like Surface RT and other offerings from Microsoft’s OEM partners. This means you can upgrade Windows 8 but you can’t update Windows RT.


Windows 8 will only run on x86 devices, powered by Intel or AMD chips while Windows RT will only run on ARM-powered devices.

Battery Life

Windows 8 tend to have an estimated battery life of 6 to 8 hours while Windows RT devices have longer battery life than 8 to 13 hours.


Windows 8 has a full featured Start Screen and Desktop mode. Windows RT has a desktop mode which is far from full featured; it doesn’t allow running any 3rd party software’s not even browsers like Firefox or Chrome.

Final Choice

You should go for windows 8 only if you want to have a full-featured operating OS with an actually useful desktop mode. If you depend on 3rd party software’s then depend on Windows 8 .It is built for notebooks, desktop pc’s and convertible devices.

If you want a tablet or mobile that functions like iPad, then a Windows RT device is a good fit. The surface rt is enough for somebody who wants basic productivity tools like office alongside the touch and mobile friendly environment. It is just limited to apps in windows store which is not very robust.

So next time when you want to make a choice between Windows 8 and Windows RT, you are completely ready to choose the right one. Just select the one which matches your purpose and select the right one.