Doorbot – The Doorkeeper On Your Smartphone


If proper funds are available then say hello to your new doorkeeper DOORBOT by Edison Junior. So you will be curious to know what Doorbot is and what does it do exactly?

It is common that most of the people keep their cellphones close to them all the time.This makes it the perfect device to monitor your front door. Doorbot is the device which connects directly to your wifi and alerts you on your smartphone or tablets via its app when somebody rings doorbell button on your Doorbot.

It is very easy to install, also it’s aluminium closure gives good protection against all weathers and makes it the best looking concepts we have ever seen.To power Doorbot you require 4AA battries which gives 1 yr of regular use.  There’s no word on the quality of the camera onboard, however, it’s infared-equipped, so you’ll be able to see who’s there at night.  Lastly, the actual doorbell button is wrapped with an LED light which adds up to its looks.

It is fully compatible with lockatron so you can simply press a button in your door bot app and open the door without getting up.This reduces your effort to get up again and again whenever you are doing any important work or you are lazy to get up from your bed.

The Doorbot will be available at the price range of $169 and with $319 it will be loaded along with Lockatron device.