DrinkMate Converts Your Smartphone Into A Breath Analyzer.


DrinkMate is world’s smallest breathalyzer. Be safe and make the right decisions. That’s the inspiration behind DrinkMate, a new and convenient way to be responsible while having fun. It’s easy to use and portable too. You can plug it into your Android smartphone to display your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). This device is associated with an app that can be operated from Android smartphone or tablet. This app displays the result of BAC test.


How Does It Work?

  1. Plug DrinkMate into your Android phone
  2. Follow the app’s instruction to blow into DrinkMate
  3. BAC results displayed instantly.


DrinkMate Android App

  • DrinkMate sends your BAC data to your Android phone via the micro-USB port.
  • After blowing, the BAC calculation takes a fraction of a second thanks to your phone’s powerful processor and is immediately displayed.

You can get your own DrinkMate by contributing to this KickStarter project.