Dropzilla for Mozilla Firefox

With its continuous efforts to make the browsing experience better. Mozilla researchers and developers have spent hours and weeks together to do something new with the bookmarks option.

Bookmarks have been part of web browsers since their very early forms — as far back as Mosaic in 1993, where they were called hotlists. Nearly two decades later, the way we use the web has changed significantly. Bookmarking systems in browsers, on the other hand, still look very much the same as they always have. Sure, we can sync across devices and search them from the address bar, but they’re still little more than hierarchical lists of links.

Let us have a look on what Mozilla is trying to do with its bookmarks option:

  • Mozilla is focusing on the idea of saving things for later, for the hip crowd it’s a bit like a private, personal interest for your browser.
  • One concept that’s being explored right now is very reminiscent of tab groups, which made their debut in Firefox 4. It’s hard to believe that was just a year and a half ago, what with Firefox now on version 16.
  • There is the special provision for the user to make a tab of his own interest and save all the useful URL’s with respect to that tab. Thus saving the time for the user so he doesn’t have to go through the whole list of history or huge queue of bookmarks he did last.
  • The main theme of this concept is categorizing and making the reuse simpler, better and faster. By piling all the useful URL’s according to the groups and categories, the home screen looks tidy and better.
  •  If you don’t like the grouped view? A more Spartan list view could be invoked at the click of a button.


There’s no timetable yet for the Firefox bookmark overhaul, but know this: Mozilla thinks it’s time for a change, and the Foundation’s research indicates that users do, too. Something like what Mozilla’s Brian Groudan calls “Dropzilla” will be coming to Firefox soon, whether from Mozilla itself or from an enthusiastic extension developer who thinks he or she can hack one together in advance of the official version. For now we can just sit back, wait for the release and enjoy this new upgrade in the browsing experience.