DuoScreen – A Laptop Second Screen That You Can Carry Along

Do you find it easy to work with two screens? We all will agree it is convenient to use two screens especially when working on some presentation where you need to look at data simultaneously. Dual screen has also become a necessity for various other tasks. We land up compromising this convenience for mobility when we switch from office desks to other places.

Here is the solution that will not let you compromise convenience for mobility. DuoScreen is the solution that enables you to enjoy convenience offered by dual screen even when you are working using your laptop. DuoScreen re-envisions your standard desk environment by providing the most advanced second screen for your laptop.


duoscreen panel

This Device helps you add secondary screen to your laptop and you can carry it along.


It comes with 15.6″ HD screen that rests on the panel. You can pull that out to add a secondary screen to your laptop.

Swivel Feature_Duoscreen

180 degree Swivel allows you to demonstrate your presentations.


You get to adjust the screen and tilt it according to your need.

This device is portable and easy to use. You can support this project on Kickstarter and also avail an early bird offer. Under this offer this device will be available at $239.