ENER-G-FORCE- “The Future Of SUV’s”

Each year, automotive designers have a chance to show their best ideas about the future of transportation at Los Angeles Design Challenge.  This year all eyes were set on new futuristic hydrogen fuel-cell-powered SUV concept ENER-G-FORCE by Mercedes. This year’s theme asked what the law enforcement rides of 2025 might look like. Looking at the design of ENER-G-FORCE, you can clearly predict how the future SUV’s will look like.

At the first glance it gives the feel that ENER-G-FORCE is some sci-fi alien vehicle or a Power Rangers ride standing like a beast right in front of you.

Described by Mercedes as “pure science fiction,” new Ener-G-Force is based on the military-grade G-Class and features built-in police lights, a bull bar integrated into the grille, and 20-inch off-road wheels “guarantee the right-of-way even where no way exists.”

Its power comes from a hydrogen fuel cell system that generates fuel from recycled water stored in rooftop tanks and sends power to the motors located in the wheel hubs, for an operating range of about 800 km (about 500 miles) .

The roof rack includes a topography sensor that scans the surroundings to adapt the suspension to different terrain.

The concept does give a few hints about the futuristic Mercedes G-class.

 Given that Mercedes already sells technology that attempts to sense the road and even the wakefulness of the driver, some of this sounds like it could be on a options list well before 2025.

“Well we can just sit back and wait for this beast to unleash on the roads and it will definitely make heads turn.”