Exchange Your Old iPad For The New iPad

Just bought the 3rd generation iPad less than a month ago? Shocked by Apple’s announcement of the new 4th generation iPad? Want the new iPad ? Well, you are in luck. Few Apple stores are giving the new 4th gen iPads in exchange for your old 3rd gen iPad. For one to avail this offer, one should have bought the old iPad less than 30 days ago and there should not be any signs of wear-and-tear. And do remember, not all Apple store are offering this exchange, so call up your nearest Apple store before heading out for a replacement. But all stores do still have the 14-day return policy. The new iPad offers a faster A6X processor, better WiFi connectivity and comes with the new Lighting  connector, all this for the same price as the 3rd gen iPad. The new iPad will be on sale from 2nd Nov.

via Engadget

Source Cnet