Exciting Features In Android Marshmallow

The Marshmallow updates have started to roll out World Wide and people who have got it so far and absolutely loving it! It’s got a lot of new features and is very easily the best android version so far.


Here are 5 new features that you should look out for when you get the update:

1. Voice Search with your phone still locked!


If you open up your lock screen and click on the voice button on the bottom left – low and behold you can still do voice searches without unlocking your phone.  Now you don’t have to worry about putting in your code every time you need answers. This replaces the call button on your lock screen.

2. App permissions

App Permission

In previous renditions of the Android OS, it’s been extremely difficult to manage what programs are open and destroying your battery.  With the new app permission settings, if you go into the individual permission settings, the Marshmallow operating system completely alleviates that – allowing the user to completely micromanage how each program you run eats your battery throughout the day.

3. Access Google Now without closing anything!

Google Now

Google Now can be properly utilized without closing your giant collection of apps.
By utilizing a long touch of your home button, Google Now will not only allow you to search without closing your other apps but it also gives you additional information on what your browser is currently opened to. This incredible feature is often overlooked and saves a ton of time on finding info. For example, if you are looking at a photo from the TV sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S, you just have to press the home button and you’ll get all the info needed of the TV Show and the actors!

4. Smart Lock Passwords

Smart Lock

The Android Marshmallow now has the option in settings for “Smart Lock Passwords.” By utilizing this, your new marshmallow based phone can save all of your individual passwords onto the cloud and with one password – you can access all of your logins securely.

5. Cut & Paste seamlessly

Copy Paste

Now if you highlight any text in your Android Marshmallow device, the copy, paste and cut options will subtly hover over the highlighted text. Simply press either button and you are able to seamlessly control the text on your screen.

Written by TJ Farhadi

TJ Farhadi is seriously concerned with anything having to do with automation and AI. In addition to seeking out the latest and greatest technologies, he loves kayaking across Lake Union. TJ is a regular contributor to review-weekly.com