Transform Your WebCam Into A 3D Gaming System: Extreme Reality At CES 2013

extreme realityStraight from CES 2013 this one would be a piece of launch news for the avid gamers out there. In fact Microsoft Kinect might just have to worry now. This software enables normal 2D cameras to be transformed into a full-body motion control system for full scale interactive gaming.

The Extreme Reality XTR3D software from Israel based Extreme Reality is every gamer’s dream. Its compatible with both Windows and Android systems and is meant for motion oriented games.

The software package requires a quick full-body calibration in which users raise their arms before starting a game.The motion-capture isn’t the most sensitive but it does a decent job for the hardware it’s using.The palm-tracking Extreme UI gesture control interface allows you to use hand gestures in lieu of a mouse. Extreme hasn’t released the software for consumers, but the software is already in Samsung Series 5 and Series 7 Windows 8 PCs, as well as some NEC PCs and is also featured on Haier Smart TVs with a full game bundle.

Do check out the promotional video of the software.

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