Facebook Adds Voice Service To Messenger App: Tests VoIP

facebook-messenger voice callFacebook has been viewing the mobile market with huge interest in recent times and is working on the trend that mobility is the future of social networking. In a further move to strengthen its mobile presence, Facebook recently tested VoIP over its Messenger app. The company is testing the ability to make voice calls by using the messenger app. This service is being tested right now for iPhone users in Canada.

The user can initiate a call with a contact by tapping the “i” button and then hit “free call”. The Facebook messenger app has to be upgraded to the latest version available on January 3rd in order to use this service.

During its testing phases users in Canada can avail the voice call services, while the rest of the world can avail of voice mail services right now.

Facebook has also included the old age feature of recording voice and sending messages. However this is a service that hardly anyone else uses in this age, so I am not sure what was the sense in incorporating this feature in the new VoIP service.
This particular test of the VoIP for integrating voice calls over the messenger app and also voice mails seems to be a good move towards the mobility age that Facebook is so keen on, however whether this will be a service as addictive as Facebook itself is something that remains to be seen.