Facebook Announces A Social Networking Search Engine-Graph Search

facebook press release 2Mark Zuckerberg had something really big up his sleeve as he started the press release that had gained momentum in the last few days with a line that this was the first big product launch that it was announcing from its campus. As he started the talk of the press release it became apparent that he was hinting at taking social networking to the next levels by announcing a search that is based upon the social network.

Mark Zuckerberg didn’t waste too much time in making the intentions for the press release clear by announcing the product and the concept of Graph Search.

facebook press release 3

The press release marked three pillars as the supports of the social network. Two of these are:

  • News feed
  • Timeline

The third was pointed out as Graph Search.

fb press graph search

The Graph Search will be Facebook’s search based on people, photos, places and interests. Those are the four different use cases related to a social network search. Of course the issues associated to such a search were listed like the design problem, how can we answer questions that are intuitive since every piece of content has its own audience; most content is not public; you can only search for content that has been shared with you.

The answer to this has been quoted by Mark Zuckerberg as the graph search which lists out results as answers to your statements or queries based on crawls to the four search cases of people, photos, places and interests which could be marked by the like option of Facebook. eople can use the structured search tool to resurface old memories, find people in their network, and uncover potential connections. The service incorporates various filters such as place type, liked by, and visited by friends to make locating things faster. You can refine search queries with more advance filters to get better answers.

Graph Search is the social network’s response to its massive base of 1 billion users, 240 billion photos, and 1 trillion connections. The tool is meant to provide people the answers to their to their questions about people, photos, places, and interests. Zuckerberg said Graph Search was launching to a small number of people today and only available on the desktop in English for the time being.

The Graph Search also has features that make it an exciting new step in the field of social networking like:

1.Making New Connections– Mark Zuckerberg says this is about making new connections as well. If you meet someone in real life, like I met someone named Chris — I type “people named Chris who are friends of Lars and went to Stanford University.”

2.Refining Your Search: The Graph Search lets you drill down — you can change schools, locations, etc., until you find the person you want.

3.Powerful Recruiting Tool: Mark Zuckerberg says it’s a powerful recruiting tool. Friends of current employees is a good place to start with recruiting. For example, “NASA Ames Research Center employees who are friends with Facebook employees.

fb press graph search1

As I speculated in the earlier write up on the Facebook press release, the graph search will be the next step in social networking and to answer my question in the prior article, yes, it is definitely a market changer release. For a more in-depth review of the new product feature stay tuned at MachineHappy