Is Facebook Close To A Market Changing Disclosure?

facebook-openingFacebook is all geared up for its big release at its press release slated for Tuesday at 10:00 am. 

I am a real big time user of Facebook with all its pros and cons and especially like its utility as a means to connect to the people who read the endless crappy stuff that I write about and still like me for it. However inspite of the more than a odd billion people who use it worldwide and it continuing to be a part of lifestyle for most of the users, Facebook has definitely lost its sheen. It no longer is something that is new and out of this world which affects the life of its users. It is just a massive social network utility that has become a part of the life of the people.

In recent times especially Facebook has been more about keeping its investors happy than focusing on features that could build a greater social network. From the “it is free and always will be” days it has graduated to a massive social platform that still is free but has grown commercial areas into almost all of its user areas. Post its IPO especially it has focused on experimental commercial applications like Gifts.

With viewpoints like mine being the hindsight of most of the users of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg is sure to be up to something that will have a profound user impact. That is why the press conference it has scheduled has had such a profound market interest, to the point wherein its stock value has zoomed up by 9%.

There have been a number of expectations that have been lined up towards the Facebook Press Release event. In this feature read through what I expect the Facebook press release to bring out.

  1. Facebook Phone: This has been the most common speculation from most of my fellow writers and speculators from around the world. A Facebook phone would have hit a bulls eye within the consumer electronics market for the time being, but I really doubt unlike most of my writer peers who believe otherwise that it would be a viable option of expansion and capitalization as the world’s largest social networking platform. A Facebook phone will just remain another one of the smart phones on the planet untill and unless its an extension to the social utility that Facebook revolutionized. That would imply building a social networking phone. A bit far fetched for now but not an impossibility. But in my point of view this would hardly be the need of the hour.
  2. Facebook Mobile OS: The Facebook mobile OS is something that has also been hinted at many times in the past, and this one is something that is definitely possible, considering how Mark Zuckeberg keeps on trewnding that mobile is where the future is. A mobile operating system that works upon a better social networked mobile eco-system could be something that will excite the next round of social network revolution.
  3. Iterative Social Network Elements: Facebook has the techical firepower to power up social network features in matter of days. Take the Poke application for instance which was a copy of the Snapchat application. It took just twelve days to develop. Hence one definite possibility that could be considered is a new social network feature embedded into Facebook like the timeline pages that were unveiled almost a year back.
  4. Facebook Search Engine: Facebook is now unarguably one of the largest databases of the social lives of people as well as statements (courtesy its status feature). As such a search engine that focuses upon this database could be an exciting new idea in itself.

What Facebook is upto will be clear only after its press release at 10:00 am but speculations are rife and maybe one of the above speculations from my end or some other writer friend around the globe will hit bulls eye. Apart from these speculations one other speculation making the rounds is a hint that the press release may be an attempt at unveiling a new Facebook campus. However I doubt this one because it would be highly dumb to invite such attention over an office space attention and will definitely affect the stock value of Facebook.

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