Facebook India is Paying $1 To Register Through The Mobile Site

Facebook, in India, is paying new users Rs.50 (About $1) for registering on Facebook through the mobile site. Additionally, you will also get a credit of Rs.50 for every referral that you bring. The amount is being given in form of airtime credits on their mobile number (talktime). The offer is only valid when you register through the special link – http://m.facebook.com/tt

Facebook talktime offer

We tried registering a new mobile number. The flow was like the usual registration flow. You do not even require an email address to register this way. Facebook claims to credit the amount in 3 days time, so we’ll have to wait a little.

We hope their is some marketing strategy behind this apart from showing rising numbers on The Wall Street. Knowing Indian users and given the ease at which we can get new mobile numbers in India, Facebook India can be assured of getting a lot of spam profiles. The offer is like Rs.100 for every new mobile number I have. College kids will make a business out of this “Earn Money from Facebook” program.

A lot of Indian web companies have tried offering tangible incentives to participate, register, invite friends but none of them have ever been able to make a mark through this strategy. The problem is that this incentive does not act as a form of removing friction, rather it becomes the only motivation to register. This does not serve the true purpose of your marketing. This is nothing different from the mad rush of offering coupons/discounts by Indian eCommerce companies in order to acquire new users. What some of them are realizing now is that each of these campaigns brought in only short term rise in transaction from the same old users and not real new buyers.

Would be good to see how long this strategy lasts.

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