Features of New Organize:Me Task Manager

Organize:Me is your personal task manager, intuitive and easy to learn. It’s the perfect choice for beginners with an active business or private life and lots of tasks and projects on their mind. Organize:Me is available for Windows, Mac, iPad and iPhone and is compatible with Organize:Pro from taskfabric.

Let’s go through the features of Organize:Me which makes it so special.

Review Options

  • Review next steps(by date)-Top five next steps for most important projects.
  • Review Flagged-Review only tasks marked as flagged.
  • Review Someday-Review tasks with review date.
  • Review everything-review all the tasks
  • Review Priority-Review tasks according to priority
  • Review repeating-Review all the repeating tasks.

Task Creation
This option is used to create the tasks quicker and easier.

  • Quick-Add Window-This feature helps for fast input of tasks and tasks list in the floating windows.
  • In-Place Input-This feature is used to quickly add a new task.
  • Inspector-this feature includes full featured dialog and all task options

Task Details
It includes the options like sorting, delegation and filtering. The different options of task details are:

  • Priority-It sets priorities from low to high.
  • Flagging-It marks important items with the flag.
  • Task Note-It can have unlimited text notes.
  • Attachments-Attach different types of files like Audio, Images, Web Links to the Tasks.
  • Integrated Attachment Preview-This feature previews PNG, JPG, Audio and Web links in place.
  • Color Marker-It is used to mark your tasks with color codes.
  • AID Classification-It classifies the action as action, information and decision.
  • Task Location-add a task location which is free text.
  • Projects-It is used to assign tasks to the projects.
  •  Contexts- It is Used to assign unlimited contexts to each tasks.
  • Security Level- This feature gives the option of choosing from 6 security levels which is divided into unclassified to top secret.
  • Next Review Date(with Alarm)-You can set the date and time for the task when you next want to work on it.
  • Start and Due Date- You can set your start date and due date along with time using this option.
  • Repeating Events-Using this option you can set an alarm to ping you which options you are supposed to use daily, weekly or yearly.
  •  Task Duration- This option specifies the planned task duration.
  • RACI Delegation Matrix-Assigns Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and Informed contexts.
  • Task Progress Tracking-This option gives the current status whether the task is complete or not.
  • Share Task as Emails-You can send tasks as Emails including auto add link for other Organize users.
  • Duplicate Tasks- It includes duplicate tasks including notes, contexts and RACI assignments.

Context Details
It specifies additional details to your contexts. It has various features like:

  • Context Type: Location, Person- It enables special features by selecting context type.
  • Contact Details-It keeps all the information like name, email, phone, organization and division.
  • Location Details-It gives the feature of adding location address.
  • Integrated Location Preview-It displays location addresses with Google maps.
  • Support For Subcontexts-This option creates subcontexts with an unlimited number of levels.

Task List View

  • Views your tasks with powerful search and display options.
  • Manage Subtasks-Create subtasks by just drag and drop.
  • Share Task list as Email-Send all Tasks from current list by email (incl. auto-add).
  • Global Search-This option Search the Organize database for Tasks.

Sort by Flagging, Priority, Entry Date, Due Date, Alphabet.

  • In-Place Display of Project/Context Tags -Display Project/Contexts Tags (“Pills”) with each Task in the list.
  • In-Place Display of Task Note Preview- Show the first lines of the Note directly in the Task List.
  • In-Place Subproject View- Show Tasks from Subprojects in same Task List.
  • In-Place Subcontext View-Show Tasks from Subcontexts in same Task List.
  • Security Level Clearance- Authorize and display tasks with security level assignments.
  • Show/Hide Subtask Structure- Flatten the Subtask structure.
  • Show/Hide Completed Tasks- Show Completed tasks In-Place (additionally to the Completed list).

Project Dashboard View
It acts as your personal early morning briefing.

  • Customize Dashboard Tiles- Add your own Projects to the Dashboard.
  • Display Top 5 Next Steps per Tile -Shows your next actions for each Project.
  • Display last 5 completed per Tile- Shows the 5 recently completed tasks.
  • Display Traffic Light Status -Shows a Traffic Light marker (red, green, yellow).
  • Project Quick-Link-You can just Tap the title to jump to the Project.

Project List View
Dive in deep and review all your Projects.

  • Full view of all Projects- Shows all Projects and Subprojects.
  • In-Place display of Item and Subfolder Count-Display no of items in Project and no of Subprojects.
  • In-Place display of Project Type as Icons- Shows different icons for Folder, Project, Meeting.

Context List View
This option shows tasks by context.

  • Full view of all Contexts – this option Shows all Contexts and Subcontexts.
  • In-Place display of Item and Subcontext Count -Display no of items in Context and no of Subcontexts.


  • WiFi Synchronization – This feature helps to Sync over your local WiFi connection.
  • Cloud Synchronization –You can Sync over your Internet connection using an Organize Cloud Sync Account.

Archive Organize Database-You can create a copy of the Organize database file manually or on shutdown.

Review Next Steps Date Preselection – You can Select the default date selected with Review Next Steps.

User Interface
Different Themes / Colors -You can Choose between different Backgrounds and Colors.

Free premium Support- Support by Email and through Online Ticket System.

Note:The free trial edition contains all features from the full license, but you can use if only for 14 days. After 14 days you can still access and modify existing entries, but you cannot create new entries. Get it here!