Find My iPhone Will Now Show You The Way To Your Lost Apple Device


Apple has updated its Find My iPhone app. The updated app, now shows directions to your lost (or stolen) Apple device. Login to the app, select your device. The app will show you the location of the device with a drive option near the device name.  Select the option to get the directions. It is pretty simple right. But it does have some draw backs. To start with, it uses Apple maps. The drive direction is not really clear and basically does not show the shortest route.

Another question that arises is, if your device is stolen, would you personally confront the guy who stole it? Well we would advise you to go to the authorities (Unless you have mastered the art of self defense). On the other hand, the new feature is pretty useful when you have misplaced your device at your friend’s place (or any other place, which does not involve confronting armed thugs).