Firework Filmed Through A Drone Camera

drone-fireworks-2014Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) also known as drones are being tested for commercial use like delivering goods. High end drones are equipped with GPS, Wifi and Homing options that make it easy for the user to navigate it. It has been tested by MNC’s like Dominos and Amazon to deliver goods/food parcels. But have you ever imagined drone being used to view firework.

Fireworks look amazing but we only get to see them from far off. Have you ever wondered how would be the sky view of these? How about you could fly with them and see them closely? Sounds exciting? Nothing is impossible so here is the device that would show you how fireworks look from up close.

Videographer of this video says this device can fly high to capture the firework without being damaged. The drone costs about $1300 and the camera is approx $300.