First Google Maps, now YouTube leave iOS6

Well we are hearing many rumors related iPhone 5 these days. But before this iPhone 5, iPhone users are desperately waiting for iOS 6, which will come through 200 new features. At the time of WWDC event, when they released this OS, then one of the shocking news was the removal of Google Maps as the default maps application and introduction of a similar but better application call Apple Maps.


For last 5 years, iPhone users have been using Google Maps on their phone and all the other users (including Android or other platform users) have been using this same application for the Google Map. Moreover users always use Google Maps on their Laptops or PCs to do any venue-searching. So, I can say Google Maps is like Google Search (unbeatable) and I am pretty sure that users will prefer to install Google Maps from App Store rather than Apple Maps as the users are habituate to the former applications. Today, out of nowhere Apple released news today stating that iOS 6 will not have YouTube application.

Well, honestly users have casino spiele not been using this application for a long time and you will be surprised to know but it was Google’s decision. You might have noticed that YouTube web interface have been upgraded a lot but this cannot be seen on your YouTube application on App Store. Now, when it will not a built-in app, Google will be able to update it again and again and now it will let users watch video with advts, which is also a major source of income for Google. So, in all the terms this decision is in favor of Google and yes one more thing, users will be able to play YouTube videos through safari web-app.

Stay tuned, as we will keep you updated with any further changes in iOS6 features.