5 Must Have Products On New Years Eve


If you are in partying mood this new year then all the people it’s time to saddle up all the main things you require to look different and at your best at the party. So let’s go through 5 important products you must have on the new years eve and which is going to make you stand out from rest of the crowd out there.

You must be thinking just by wearing good clothes will be more then enough for you during new years but that’s not it. It’s the accessories that mind the most and add an extra edge to your look.What else than adding a little flavor of tech  in your look. These five  accessories will definitely add upto your clothing for the party.

1.Samsung Galaxy Camera

samsung-galaxy-camera1What else can be better than having a 16.3 Mp camera which allows you to click the photo’s on the go and take some amazing moments of your party and in the end you have the option of uploading it directly from your camera without transferring to your laptop or other secondary device. High resolution images on the go on your FB or twitter account using 3G. The new Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100 will do it all for you. It is loaded with 16.3 MP lens, Corning gorilla glass protection, 8GB internal memory and expandable upto 64GB and some cool features like Wide-angle 23mm lens, geo-tagging, touch focus, face and smile detection, optical image stabilization. With all these amazing features it also has a battery back up of nearly 280 Hrs which is really amazing. So keep Partying all night and keep clicking.

FM.SI.WE.B.S.112. ICE Watch

If you are on a party mood then what is present in your hand makes a doubly good impression on the people. The most important accessory part are the watches and which one you are wearing also makes an important mark. The new ICE FMIF series is a amazing brand perfectly suited for party night and what else will be better than stunning the crowd with the ICE Series. This piece will definately put some eyes on it when you see the time.

1584d0b785ce9782f34ed8f322a35bb4_large3.The Bright Eyes Kit

The Bright Eyes Kit  is amazing piece which is specially designed for parties. To be exact there are nearly 174 LED’s which are mounted on these spectacles and you can program it whatever you want to display on them. Either it may be “Party Hard”,” I Love You “or “Letz rock”. This piece will be a perfect eyecather with the people when you will be moving around in the party.

note_2323527b4.The perfect phone

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 the amazing big screen phone will not just make it’s mark when you pick up your calls but also act like a chick magnet for you and if you get bored in the party you can play the amazing games on your phone and even that will pull some peoples attention. It will also be handy to call at night when you will be late also as it it is huge the point of loosing the cellphone in the party reduces to very less compared to other phones. you can check the complete specs and review about Samsung Galaxy Note 2  Here.

unnamed5.The Perfect App

The last but not the least after having an amazing fun filled night your main concern will be of going back home so don’t worry with the help of new get taxi app you can directly search your cabs in the near by area, call them and even locate the location of the cab using the GPS. Thus you can reach safely at home after an kickass party. You can checkout this App here.

If before going to the party you have ticked mark all the items in the above list you are all set and ready to have an amazing night fully prepared to rock in the party.

Let The CountDown Of The Brand New Year Begin With A Bang!