Fix iOS 6 Major Bug

Today when I woke up in the morning, I could not see any ‘number of unread items’ badge over my mail app on my iPhone. Wondering what happened, I saw that there was no Wi-Fi Connectivity on my phone. But when I checked my modem it was working fine. After a while it automatically connected again, I ignored this issue again and when I started updating some of my application on App Store, it again lost the connectivity and this time it didn’t get connected again.

Well this comes out to be a great bug in this new release of iOS6 when I started reading the feedbacks of other users. So, here I am again with the solution of this bug. Just follow the steps mentioned below and you will get this bugs fixed in no time.

  1. You can go to Settings, Option and then switch the Proxy settings for that WiFi connection to ‘Auto’.
    Go to Settings and then select the appropriate wifi connection to which it is connected.
    Now scroll and select the option as highlighted in the screenshot.
  2. Switch OFF and then ON your WiFi again, this might help to connect again

I am not sure whether it is a permanent remedy for this bug, but for the time being I am not facing this anymore. Please let us know if you are facing this issue again.