FreeWavz: This Might Be The Ultimate Workout Headphone


Dr. Eric Hensen, is the man behind this wireless headphone. As an avid weight lifter he talks about how annoying earbuds can be at the gym. He says he watched as the tiny headphones slipped out of sweaty ears and got tangled in machines. For athletes and gym buffs, traditional earbuds just aren’t cutting it. So Hensen decided to reinvent them. He created FreeWavz while experimenting with old hearing aids.

“I took a set of these really old hearing aids, and I kind of retrofitted them to our idea,” he says. “From there we actually drilled [them] out, made our own housing, put all the components that we wanted in it.”

Key Features:

  • Fitness Monitoring with Audio Alerts
  • It is 100% Wire Free
  • It can connect to Music Player and Smartphones via Bluetooth.
  • Can be used to take calls like regular Bluetooth devices.
  • Pause to Talk features that can be used for taking calls while listening musing.
  • Independent L/R Volume and Equalizer.
  • Comes with Ear Safeguards.


FreeWavz can pick up audio signals from a phone up to about 33 feet away through Bluetooth networking. FreeWavz is developed to include all the exercise-centric features the company could pack into its ear-fitting form. This device sports fitness features specifically designed for workout sessions. Through a connected smartphone app, users can program the earphones to automatically announce stats like distance and heart rate throughout their workout or when they cross certain thresholds.

The earphones also include support for hands-free phone interaction and calling, and each earpiece can be configured independently to blend outside noise with audio content in a particular ratio. There are two microphones: one you talk into and another one that’s on the earbud that allows you to pick up sound in front of you, behind you, or to the side of you, depending on how you program it.

Users can also independently configure volume and equalizer settings on each earphone which will be useful to anyone with different hearing levels in different ears. They can save multiple profiles for different exercises, so they can tune out outside noise and skip updates on distance traveled while lifting weights but still hear traffic sounds and mileage numbers while riding a bike.

FreeWavz is now available for pre-order and will be shipped by January 2015. It comes in two color variants. Its pre-order price is $219 for blue color variant and $249 for Pink variant. Pre-Orders will close by 31st October 2014. For shipping outside the US and Canada a $15 shipping change will be applicable.