Galaxy Y Duos Review: The Galaxy Starts Here

The galaxy of Samsung’s smartphone initiatives actually starts here with the Galaxy Y Duos. Now the Galaxy Y Duos is the start of the line of smartphones from Samsung and have been around for a long time to be very precise. Most of my audience would wonder why this review in that case. Well, although the Galaxy Y Duos has been around for a long time, much of the media coverage has always been about the bigger and better Samsung Galaxy S III or the Samsung Note series and very little has been said about these start of the line smartphones. We are expecting many interesting products to enter the very competitive smartphone market with the new year onset so I thought of adding upon my ode to reviews one last product which machine happy people would like to refer.


DESIGN SPEAK: The Samsung Galaxy Y Duos is marked by Samsung itself as a machine having that stylish ergonomic design which feels like a luxury in your hands. This phone was one of the startup industrial designs which sported a full touch screen with the smart user interface now so in vogue. With dimensions of 109.80 x 60.00 x 11.95 mm the Galaxy Y Duos is engineered really slim with a grip that allows for smooth and strong handling for long duration of time.

HARDWARE SPEAK: The hardware specs on the Samsung Galaxy Y Duos carry most of the action on the phone by themselves. For more check out the action on:


The display is sized at 8 cms and features a full touch screen. The C type touchscreen makes sure that the swipe experience is smooth and not slow and sluggish. It has a resolution of 320 x 240 and supports a 262k TFT screen. The display in itself features a bright assortment of color support which makes it not that bad to look at even with videos and games.


The Samsung Galaxy Y Duos features a workable sound output with a 3D Sound technology called DNSe that stands for Digital Natural Sound Engine which delivers a true to life surround sound that creates a pretty good space sound effect. However the obvious fact is it isn’t a high end offering that delivers upon a sound system audio specs but it definitely gives a good enough output that is not an irritation to the ear.

Camera  featured on the Y Duos is a standard 3 MP resolution camera that delivers decently clarified images. The zoom is a 2X feature. The shot modes on the Y Duos include single, smile and panorama shot mode. A night mode would have been ideal but it does feature a auto mode, daylight mode amongst others which makes photo snapping experience a decent one.

Action on the Galaxy Y Duos first and foremost definitely features the hybrid dual sim. The hybrid dual sim virtually allows a 3G utility like downloading on one line while you can use the other SIM line for normal phone utilities like texting, chatting etc simultaneously. Other then this hybrid experience the battery action on the Y Duos is worth a mention. It features a standard and good 1300 mAh capacity battery which supports a 1050 minutes of talktime on 2G usage and 370 minutes of talktime on 3G usage. It sports a standby time of 630 hours on 2G usage and 440 hours on 3G usage which is decent in its class.

SOFTWARE SPEAK: The Samsung Galaxy Y Duos features a Android Gingerbread 2.3 OS which is a standard OS found upon android smartphones in the segment that the Y Duos plays in. It features a 832 MHz central processing unit that performs with as much swiftness as could be the expectations from this particular genre of smartphones.


All inclusive there isn’t much high end about the Samsung Galaxy Y Duos, but then its not meant to be high end and speaking without any segmentation bias this phone is worth its price which is a neat $160 around.

My ratings of the Samsung Y Duos stand at:

Design: 4/5

Performance: 3.5/5

Value: 4/5