Get 25 Pounds Back On Your Nexus 7

Bought a Nexus 7 before Google and ASUS cut its price and now you regret that you bought it a bit too early? If yes, its time to put that in the past. Google and ASUS have thought of something that will make you smile again. Both are offering a rebate on the Nexus 7 bought before 29th October. ASUS is offering a rebate of 25 pounds, if you have bought the Nexus 7 before 29th October. The rebate sadly is a ASUS shopping coupon worth 25 pounds. This offer is only available in Europe. To avail it one will have to submit a proof of purchase on or before 30th November. And the shopping coupon is valid upto 31st December 2012. So if you live in Europe and want to buy more ASUS stuff, this is the offer you wanted.

Now Google too has a price protection policy. Frankly, if you buy a Google device from Google Play and Google slashes the price. You can get a refund of the price difference. So, Google is offering a refund of the price difference, on the Nexus 7, if you have bought the device after 14th October. Only catch, you will have avail the refund within 15 days of the price cut. So that leaves us with  few more days for the Nexus 7. So hurry up !

Via Engadget

Source ASUS, Google