Globalgig Global Data Service Launched

Do you travel a lot, mostly international? If so, you might be troubled by the lack of options to take your data connection with you or the high cost incurred due. To make you happy, Voiamo has launched Globalgig. What one gets is a small elegant Mobile Hotspot device, which logs into local networks and gives you access to internet speeds of up to 7.2 MB per second. Well that must be really expensive, if we look at present roaming charges. To tell the truth, no.  Globalgig offers useful monthly bundles of 1GB for $25.00, 3GB for $39.00 and 5GB for $49.00, which is a fraction of present tariffs. And the device cost $119. Presently, roaming at these cheap rates are only available in Australia, UK and the US. But Globalgig has promised to partner with European and Asian network providers to give us more countries where we can use the device. Globalgig bills customers on a monthly basis for usage and there are no long-term contracts. And if you want to cancel the plan, you can do so by providing a 48hr notice. If you are interested, you can buy one of these Mobile Hotspots at