Glyph-An App That Tells You Which Card To Use For Best Offers

With the changing trends new technologies are making their way. Now the computation going all mobile, billing and cashing is done on credit cards and smart cards. Here is a new app that will help all the users  during payment through credit cards, also guide them to select the different credit cards to get the best offer.

Glyph is a new mobile application, now live in the iTunes App Store, that will tell you the best credit card to use in order to earn the most valuable rewards, whether that’s cash back, travel or hotel loyalty points, discounts, or any other type of credit card-activated reward. At launch, the company supports over 250 credit cards, including the top 18 credit issuers in the U.S., representing over 90% of today’s credit cards transactions.

The app’s primary feature is its real-time alerts, which also use a geolocation to identify the store where you might being making a purchase. These alerts will allow you to identify which card in your portfolio makes sense, in terms of maximizing rewards. However, the app also offers a way to examine your entire card portfolio, in order to better highlight other trends, and it can make overall suggestions across your portfolio. For example, it could tell you things like, if you’re getting less than a certain percentage on groceries, you should be using a different card. It can also tell you how much money you’ve left on the table, so to speak, by using the wrong card.

In the future, Glyph will expand further to also include card account management features, alerting users to things like balances and due dates, among other things.

Currently Glyph is free to use, but it will monetize in the future through optional, premium features and its card recommendations. Based on spending trends, it will be able to suggest cards that will help users earn better rewards.

You can download the app for free, here in iTunes.