Gmail Tricks: 7 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know Your Mail Could Do


Apart from being a popular search engine, Google offers various tools for the web. Gmail is one such popular tool which enables you to receive and send unlimited messages. However, even if though you have been using Gmail since 5 years now, we bet you didn’t know these 7 secret tips about your mailbox. Check it out!

  • Emails can be ‘Unsent’


Imagine you send an email and then immediately realizing that you forgot to attach a document. Don’t, worry; Gmail gives you few seconds after the send button is hit and the moment it is actually sent. For this click on ‘Gear’ in the inbox and then click on ‘settings’. After that go to ‘labs’ and after scrolling down, you would find an optio of ‘undo send’. Enable that and save changes.

  • Conversations can be ‘Muted’


You wouldn’t want mass emails to hit the inbox. Isn’t it? Now you can stop the inbox from getting clogged. When the message is loaded, click on ‘more’ and then click ‘mute’. Now, these messages wouldn’t disturb you when you are at a party!

  • Emails can be snoozed


You can do it in several ways but the most popular way is to use the app Boomerang. This app enables you to use Gmail in such a way that if you don’t respond to your mail for some time, it would return to the inbox again. A chrome extension is also available for snoozing the email.

  • Schedule an email for a later time.

How to Schedule Gmail 2

This is quite a useful trick for people who don’t work at weekends or at night. Thanks to Boomerang, the Gmail extension that enables you to set an email to be sent at a later time. All you need to do is click on compose email and then click on ‘Send later button’. Select the duration and click confirm.

  • Setup folders


This is a great option for people who are fond of folders and like being organized. All you need to do is go to ‘settings’ and then select ‘labels’ tab. After scrolling down, there is an option of creating ‘new labels’. Google calls them ‘labels’ but in reality they are ‘folders’.

  • Canned Responses


This happens to be the favorite feature for many. The feature allows you to create email templates of the emails that are sent out most commonly. When it has to be sent, just couple of clicks are needed for placing it in message. For creating canned response, click on ‘labs’ and enable the ‘Canned response’. Click  save. After composing the email in the normal way, click on the arrow that appears in the bottom right corner of the email. After clicking that, click ‘canned response’ and then on ‘new canned response’. Name it what you like.

  • You can see who hacked your Gmail


Now, you can know who has hacked your ‘Gmail’ account. This can be done by accessing the ‘recent activity’. Once you go there, click on details and it would show you everything right from the location to the IP address where it was last used.