Gold-Plated phones by Lamborghini

These days when mobile phones, smartphones and tablets are the major chit chat among the consumers. Lamborghini, (very famous Italian Car Manufacturer), decided to manufacture low spec phones and tablets, now these gadgets are not for the geeks but rather they are for the people who would love keep the name ‘Lamborghini’ in their pocket that too when their gadget is gold plated. Two low spec phones with 2 and 2.4 inches display are TL688 and TL820 respectively. TL688 is equipped with 3 MP camera and 4 GB storage capacity and TL820 goes with 5MP camera and 1GB storage capacity. Both are gold plated and given leather finish giving them a look of luxury phones. Well, these 2 phones are priced at $1829 USD.


TL700 is a smartphone with 3.7 inches display (little more than iPhone 4) operating on Android Gingerbread (I know its old now) and 5MP camera with a Qualcomm processor. This is little shinier as compared to the phones mentioned above due to the diamond processed metal and which marks its cost to $2743 USD. Next in the row is the tablet named Lamborghini L2800, it has got a display of 9.7 inches and a Qualcomm processor of 1.2 MHz. The onboard memory is of 4GB which is further expandable but this tablet costs lesser than that android smartphone and its cost is $2286 USD. Till now these Lamborghini products have only been released in Russia.