Google Defaced


Google suffered a defacing attempt on its Romanian domain. Reportedly the Romanian google domain was defaced by “Algerian hacker” MCA-CRB, a serial website defacer.The site looked like the image here. The attempt could be labelled a “DNS hijacking attack”. However Google has denied that it was hacked, but admitted that its Romanian domain was being redirected to another site. The text on the hacked site says: “By MCA-CRB / Algerian Hacker” and gives credit to three names, “all members Sec” — so perhaps in one of the many loose groups of hackers that associate themselves with Anonymous and LulzSec. “S thanks = Mr-AdeL & i-Hmx & Lagripe-Dz All Members Sec,” the page reads. And apparently there has been a threat of more in a statement which says “To be continued” .