Google Maps for iOS6

In my last article I have mentioned about the reason which may turn you off to upgrade this new version of iOS and you will realize that all of the reasons are pretty strong to make many of the users stop upgrading their firmware.


Today I will be helping you with a solution to one of the problems, if you have still upgraded the firmware out of intense curiosity. Before going further let me tell you that Apple always considers US as their view point and that is the reason in most of the countries (where they cannot use iTunes to buy songs ) that most of the features in this new versions are not usable. For Example, the new application called Passbook and Apple Maps are completely useless.

Apple as always tried to force the users to use their Apple Maps by restricting Google from providing Google Maps on their App Store. They know people are so much accustomed with Google Maps that no one would have ever used that ‘Apple Map’.

Follow these steps and you will be able to use Google Maps as mentioned above in the screenshot.

  • Open safari and search ‘Google Maps’ under the search results you will find it as the first one.
  • Now click it to open it and you will see the screen mentioned below. Tap on that huge label to create an icon for that as mentioned in the screenshot above.
  • Next time, just tap on the icon and it will open in your Safari Browser.

This way you will be able to use both Apple Maps and Google Maps simultaneously, till the time when you see Google Maps on the Apple Store. Please let us know if you face any problems while adding this web app.