Google Maps for iPhone coming tonight.

It seems Google Maps are coming back for iPhone and they will be released tonight as per AllThingsD. Apple Maps have been a complete fail in the new iOS6 but users hoped that there will be some jailbreak solution for using Google Maps, but then no solution has been made available till now and the users are still waiting for Google Maps.

image If we go little bit backwards then the reason due to which Google Maps was completely discarded from the Apple App Store and iOS6 is due to Google declining to provide the voice navigation to Apple for Apple Maps and one they released the horrible Apple Maps, Tim Cook had to publically apologize for such a problem to be handled by the users and thereafter promising that it will keep on updating and corrections will be made frequently.

Now you can also see a different section of application on iTunes named as ‘Navigation Maps’. This section all types of Maps application available on iTunes, along with this Apple relieved ‘Scott Forstall’ off his duties. After all this happened, Eric Schmidt announced that Google Maps for iOS6 is on its way to Apple Store. Now when Google Maps will be launched Apple Maps can go behind the curtain for a while and try to improve themselves till Google Maps handles the performance on-stage.

Well it is a well-known fact that Google Maps will be good for the iPhone users, but do u have any reason to cry about this news? Please let us know this in the comments section.