GOOGLE Nexus 7 Price Leak- A Treat For Your Eyes


Every body is waiting for new Nexus 7  official prices. The leaks just keep coming and makes all the reader fans more eager for what these new release will come up with and what more surprises they are going to get from the product.Four day’s back we saw a whole bunch of android products at Google event in New York.Well the folks over at MoDaCo have found out something that looks like to be the potential pricing  information on the 3g model of Nexus 7 from a Latvian Retailer. But what the pages show are prices of about £199 for the 16GB Wi-Fi model, and about £249 for the 3G model.(1£=86.30 Rs)

Those are some pretty cool prices to look forward to. If the news is right then we are on a treat from Google on October 29th when Google makes everything official.So we can just wait for 29th to come as soon as possible and grab our hands on the new Google Nexus 7.


Source:  MoDaCo