Google Nexus tablet could be out this month? (rumour)

It is rumoured that Google is gearing up for the Nexus tablet and is planning its release this month itself. With Android’s market share on top at the moment, addition of these tablets to the market will add to Google’s value.
Tablet will be made by Asus and it will board NVidia Tegra-3 quad-core processor; the price will be cheaper than the cheapest Kindle Fire from Amazon. Amazon has something to think as this might very well be a competitive device given the maker ‘Google’ and its innovative concepts in gadgets.

There were some reports earlier that Google will be releasing the tablet this June and hence, the rumour now cannot be taken just like that. This device is expected be a 7-inch model and will be available through Google’s own online store; there will be access to magazines from major publishers much similar to services provided by Apple and Amazon to its customers.
There is Google I/O which is going to be held around 27th June and this device might be out during the same time. We look forward for the release and more news of this tablet and we will keep updating you all the details.
Do let us know if you have any comments regarding Google’s tablet and time of its release…