Google Now: What, How And Why?


GoogleNow_InAction_620x486Google Now What, How and Why is a feature take on Google’s most ambitious mobile platform project of 2012, the Google Now. Google Now could even be the future of how we use the mobile platform to take stock of our lives. While most of you wouldn’t have seen or used it or even heard about it, still it is one product from Google that could be a pointer towards mobility future for the world’s information destination, Google.

Google has recently taken a number of projects into its repertoire which could outline the future of the company. Movement into online shopping and augmented reality applications as well as location based services are some of the areas  it has tried most aggressively to move further into. So although under used and rated in 2012, the Google Now is a definite check out.

Google Now What?

What is the Google Now. Google Now is a mobility application by Google that collects and utilizes information about the user to set up a mobile dashboard that guides and enhances the way you go through your day. Google Now is a standard feature of Android Jelly Bean and updates. It is just like a organizer application but actually is much more. It organizes your daily data to help you get through with different tasks such as:

  • Commute
  • Appointments
  • Local Weather
  • Reservations
  • Travel Guide etc.

Google Now How To?

Google Now can be used vis-a-vis the cards that come with it. There are roughly cards on it as of now and more are expected to be added on it. This How To feature takes you through on how to exactly use Google Now for bringing your entire day and life utilities into it.

The Google Now cards in effect and available for the particular time period can be accessed via a swipe up from the bottom of the phone or via the Google search tab.

Google Now displays cards when they’re most likely to be useful and relevant based on the current time and your current location. Users can view additional cards by using the Show More Cards option at the bottom of the main google now screen.

The following guide to using the Google Now feature is courtesy Google’s support pages. Its good to know these small know how guidelines.

Edit card settings:

To change the settings for an individual Google Now card:

  • Touch Menu> Settings on the card.OR
  • From the bottom right corner of the Google Now screen, touch Menu > Settings > Google Now.

The Google Now settings screen appears, where you can turn a specific card On or Off or adjust its settings.

After you turn off a card, it won’t appear when you launch Google Now.

Dismiss cards

To dismiss a card from the Google Now screen, swipe it away. The card will return the next time it’s relevant, which may be hours or days from now.

Adjust notifications

When a card has a new update, you’ll receive a notification at the top of your screen. You can pull down the notifications shade to open the card or dismiss the notification.

Most notifications for Google Now cards can be turned off or set to low or standard priority. Low priority notifications appear at the bottom of the notifications shade without any additional signal. Standard notifications appear like the others, in chronological order, and you can set vibration and a ringtone to accompany them.

To set notifications to low or standard priority for an individual card that supports both options:

  • Touch Menu> Settings when the card appears.OR
  • From the lower right corner of the Google Now screen, touch Menu > Settings > Google Now > card name > and adjust the settings under Notifications.

To change ringtone and vibrate options for all standard notifications, start from the Google Now screen, touch Menu > Settings > Google Now, and adjust the options under Standard Notifications.

Why Google Now?

The Google Now feature is a very good utility to be used as a life assist in terms of organizing and executing your days. Furthermore this could be well one of the ways in which you would see your days in the future. It has been one of the best efforts of google to set the bar up for mobile utility. For more check out here