Google Play Holiday Surprises

The holidays are a time of joy and merry making. And Google is making it more joyful for its Android OS users. With the new year just weeks away, Google has started some it calls “surprise calendar countdown”. What is it? As the name suggests, it’s a countdown of surprises and since Google Play deals mainly with apps, the surprises should have to do something with apps. Well that is the case. Google will be offering special deals on a particular app every day, which Google is terming as “Today’s Surprise”. And today’s surprise is:

Today only: download Hotel Tonight and get $35 to use toward your first hotel booking! Hotel Tonight lets you book great same-day rooms at top-rated hotels in over 70 destinations across the globe. To redeem, enter promo code: Google35.

Since the deals are supposed to be a surprise, no one really knows what will be on offer tomorrow. To find out we will have to keep checking the store every day. The surprises are only till 1st January 2013. So keep checking guys, you might get a good deal which you have been waiting for since a long time.