Google Play Updated: version 3.10.9

Google has pushed out another update for the Play Store. The previous version 3.9.17 was released on 2nd November. The new version is 3.10.9.  The new update adds these:

Users Also Installed

One of the most recognizable additions will be the “Users Also Installed” block. Once you have selected an app and you have started the download, you are shown a list of apps which other users (who have installed the app you are downloading) have installed. Pretty good way to pass time while waiting for the download to complete. Draw back, eats into your bandwidth.

Remove Icon

A new Remove Icon has been added to My Wishlist. Good for those quick updates to the wish list.

Translate Button

A new translate button has been added next to the app description. Why do we need one when we can read English ? Well, it is not for one who has their system language set to English. Other who have set it to their native tongue, will be able to see this “Translate” button  right next to the description. Click and read the description in your preferred language.

Improve These Recommendation Button

Another button, this time in the Recommended For You. Basically lets you add people to your G+ circles and based on apps installed by your friends, you get recommendations. Nice way to keep up with your friends (WARNING: Might get some useless recommendations too, if you have some friends who install apps just for the sake of filling up their device).

Image Credits And Source AndroidPolice