Is Google Afraid Of Yahoo- “Shuts Down Shopping Search In China”

After so many steps taken by Yahoo like partnership with Samsung and partnership with NBC sports, Is google afraid of it’s rival?

Google announced today that it is shutting down its Google Shopping China service. The website is still online, but Google confirmed its closure in a post on its China blog (link via Google Translate) which stated:

In order to better optimize resources, we have decided to close our shopping search service in China. The original intent of this product was to set up a bridge between consumers, retailers and traders. The impact of the product, however, did not meet our expectations. But we remain committed to helping Chinese businesses export their products to countries around the world and helping Chinese retailers use Google Shopping to reach consumers in other markets. In the future we will focus on in-app mobile advertising with AdMob, mobile and desktop display, and export-oriented search advertising.

Google has already closed its music search for china after stiff competition with Baidu which signed a licensing deal with One-Stop China (a joint venture of Universal, Warner and Sony BMG).Now it’s Google Shopping service which is having tough competition with Alibaba whose 23% stakes are owned by Yahoo.

“Is Google taking its step back in defence or to come out strong and show who is the boss. We can just wait and see what more is wrapped in google’s gift box for all of us this Christmas.”

Source: Google china blog

Image by:Newmediaangels