Google TV: LG To Launch Two New Models

LG_GA7900_610x516LG just announced that it would be launching two new models of its high end Google Tv soon in 2013. This announcement adds a definite interest to the TV market worldwide. These models will sport Qwerty remote control and natural speech recognition.

Last year saw the release of the G2 Google TV, following which the company is offering the GA7900 (55-inch, 47-inch) and the GA6400 (60-inch to 42-inch).

The LG Google TVs coming soon to the market, have QWERTY motion remote controls which also include an integrated mic for natural voice commands. LG is also set to feature Passive Cinema 3D in both the models.

Both televisions have QWERTY motion remote controls with an integrated mic for “natural” voice commands. The design will be different from the new Motion Remotes announced in late December but will likely resemble the reversible slab that shipped with the G2. Passive Cinema 3D will also be part of both models.

The top-of-the-line GA7900 features an edge-lit LED with local dimming and a 240Hz refresh rate, which likely includes backlight scanning as in previous years’ models. The GA6400 is simply edge-lit and includes a lower 120Hz refresh.Google TV now uses a version of Honeycomb 3.2, which enables users to use tablet and smartphone apps on their TV.

All in all these TVs are all set to bring in a lot more and probably kickstart the next big change in the television market in 2013.