Hottest Cars: Who’s Who From LA Autoshow

The year is at an end and we would probably be going ahead with the Christmas gifting and the new year resolutions thereafter. And speaking about gifts and resolutions, well what better gift maybe then that drive of your dreams or maybe what better resolution then getting that dream wheels the next year. A bit sinful you might say, but I am ready to sin after I went through the top shows at the LA auto show and I am guessing if you ever had anything to do with wheels you would be ready to commit a sin or two too. For now however lets plan on the sinning part by looking at this round up of hot wheels at the LA auto show that went past.

Mercedes Ener-G-ForceThe Mercedes Ener G Force is the hulk of the lot with its aim of being the patrol vehicle of the future. Its an off roader that is modelled upon the G-Wagon and is supposedly powered by a hydro tech converter that uses recycled water and other natural, renewable sources and transforms them into hydrogen for the fuel cells. It comes equipped with motors in each wheel hub and a geography scanner on the roof which analyses the encircling terrain. This one is one hot wheel I would love to drive but the wait is definitely going to be  very long.

Jaguar XFR-SThe XFR from Jaguar is one of your very fast saloons and the XFR-S is touted to be the fastest and most powerful saloon tha Jaguar has ever brought up to the production stages. The Jaguar XFR-S is powered to 542 bhp from a 5.0 litre V8 with 502 lf ft of torque which gives a 0-100 kmph in a time of 4.5 seconds and a top speed of 300kmph. The eight-speed XFR-S has faster and more aggressive gear changes and the central silencer is replaced with straight-through rear pipes. For sure this will be one hot lady to handle. This one can be one of your new year resolutions as it is expected to hit the markets by mid next year.

Toyota RAV 4

The fourth generation RAV 4 from Toyota was also revealed at the LA auto show. The vehicle has been given a whole new and updated interior with a lower seating position. The interior space has also been redesigned to sign off with more legroom and space wide feel. This one too can be part of your get it resolution for 2013.

Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet

Remember the original Volkswagen Beetle convertible that made its way into peoples mind as that car of the ages. Well the new Volkswagen Beetle has made its show up at the LA auto show. Shorter, longer and wider than the earlier cabriolet this once effeminate car is all set to get the masculine streaks as well. It is going to come in the retro style colors which are typical of the Volkswagen Beetle convertibles.