HoverBikes – Manned Quadcopters That Will Make Flying A Reality


Malloy Aeronautics is testing HoverBikes, a Manned Quadcopters, that will allow us to “fly”, literally. A scaled down version of the Hoverbike, that works like a regular drone, getting popular and creating the buzz.

Hoverbike has been designed to replace conventional helicopters in everyday one man operational areas like cattle mustering and survey. A cheaper better product will not only take over the existing market but can open it up to far more new customers who before could not afford the upfront costs of a typical helicopter and the very expensive and often unlooked for mantainace costs.

The components used in hoverbike already exist and have been used in flying machines from aircrafts, helicopters to drones.  The desing and assembly is what will make the thing support a human on top.

The original Hoverbike was built by Chris Malloy of New Zealand,  after work and studies in his garage in suburban Sydney Australia. This project started out as a hobby, but quickly grew into a commercial enterprise, with interest from people and groups such as universities, farmers, search and rescue, private and military, with notable visits from the US Army G-3/5/7  and Locheed Martin “skunk works”.

HoverBike Can Be Folded To Fit in A BackPack.

HoverBike Can Be Folded To Fit in A BackPack.

Flight testing of the Hoverbike involves 3 steps to achieve production ready flight. These are described as Development, Engineering and Production. The development phase includes the initial flight tests of the hoverbike which is includes in roughly this order; general airframe testing, tethered hovering, untethered hovering, translational lifting, spin tests, stall tests etc (some conducted unmanned). The engineering step is really just data validation, and is not used to expand the design envelope on the current model. An example of this is performance testing. The production step will confirm that the production hoverbike is preforming and is built to all characteristics of the design.

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You can support this project and get a working piece for yourself from Kickstarter.