How To Block SPAM Unwanted Calls

How many a times have you been interrupted in the movie or that important conversation by unwanted marketing calls? Or receiving calls from the superman or Brad pit or even Donald duck selling you those pesky ringtones and other VAS. You hate it yet they manage to waste some precious time out of your already busy day.

Well now you can put an end to all that. The first thing to do would be to register with National do not call registry. You can do so by sending by calling 1909 in India or 1-888-382-1222 in US. Secondly most of the phones today have call filters and blocking features. You can selectively block these telemarketing calls by adding them into blocked list. This requires little effort in the beginning but over time you will have an exhaustive list and freedom from unwanted interrupting calls. Thirdly if you happen to use a smart phone, there are many apps available on different app stores like Google Play and Apple app store which offer the same functionality of blocking unwanted calls. One big advantage with such apps is that most of the time they contain a vast database of telemarketing numbers, so you are good to go from day one. You can find such apps by the dozen by searching for “call blockers”.

Lastly, In future when you sign up for those trail memberships and loyalty cards make sure you check the little box in the form that says (roughly) that you do not want to be contacted for marketing information, newsletters, new product launches etc. Most of the time we fill the form only with important fields like name, address, number etc. and leave the box unchecked which leads to our data being added to their database.

Now, despite implementing all the measures above that one (little warrior) call might sneak through all the barriers. In such cases you can trace the number back to the owner and write a hard worded mail to the company for removal of your number from the calling list. For such numbers and other phone numbers use online number directories like &, for tracing the numbers in India and US respectively.

In extreme cases you can complain to your telephony service provider and even to telecom authorities like Telecom Regulatory Authority of India or Federal Communications Commission for India and US respectively. Complains to these bodies are dealt with utmost seriousness.

Hope these tips help you re-claim your phone and peace.