[How To] Jailbreak your iPhone with iOS 5.1.1

In this post I will demonstrate the way you can jailbreak your iPhone with the latest iOS available 5.1.1. I will try to put some light on what jail-breaking is, how many types of jail-breaking are possible and how it can help you.


Apple always wants user to operate their device as Apple wants them to. If you have read the biography of Steve Jobs written by Isaacson Walter, then you should know that this vision of Apple was from the very beginning. Jailbreaking means putting a patch in the original OS, which can help you to do all the things from which Apple has restricted you. For example, you can add 5 or unlimited icons on the dock of your iPhone or you can also put unlimited number of icons under a folder rather than 12 or control the brightness, WiFi, Edge, locations service etc from the notification center.

All these examples mentioned above are the legal things that you can do, apart from this you can download the pirated or the cracked version of paid applications from other sources and install them on your iPhone. This is not legal, this is called piracy and I will not recommend any of my readers to use this tweak when they jailbreak their phones.

Jail-breaking is of two types, Tethered and Untether. Tethered jailbreak is not generally opted by the users, it is only opted when untethered jailbreak is not available.

Tethered Jailbreak: Tethered mean connected through wire, after Jailbreaking your device with tethered jailbreak patch, every time when your iPhone gets switched off due to any reason then you will have to connected your iPhone to the jailbreak tool install on your PC to make sure that it retains its jailbreak patch.
If you did not do so, then it will not get switched ON or I should say that it get switched ON but it will keep on restarting the springboard as all the jailbreak tweaks and applications which you have installed will keep on crashing and you will not be able to do anything with your phone. I am sure many of the users must have faced this problem and I will mention the solution to it in some other post.

Untethered Jailbreak: Once you jailbreak with this jailbreak patch, you will have to get back to the jailbreak application and you can also restart your device again and again but that jailbreak patch will not go anywhere. That is the reason it highly preferred by the users.

Most of the times, firstly tethered jailbreak is released and then untethered jailbreak follows the release. Now in this post I will tell you that how you can untethered jailbreak your iPhone with (latest iOS 5.1.1). Follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Download the jailbreak patch from this page.
  • You will download a ZIP, extract it with the same name and double click an ‘exe’ file available inside the folder after installing it. It will open a console window as mentioned in the screenshot below.
  • This console window will automatically get closed and you will see a new folder available besides that previous exe file (which was executed by you in the first step).
  • Open the folder and double click the exe file, an application window will pop-up as mentioned below.
  • If you are getting this error you should remove the passcode and then connect the iPhone again. Now just click ‘Jailbreak’ button and then leave you cellphone for a while, it will automatically do everything and then in the end will tell you remove the data cable.

That’s it once you follow all these steps mentioned you will have a untethered jailbroken iPhone.