How To Use Gmail And Google Contacts On iPhone: A Guide Cast

Gmail and google contacts are very handy and easy to use when it comes to utility on android devices. But the same utility is not reflected when we are using an iOS device which can be appreciatively pin pointed out as an iPhone. So to help you out on using the new Gmail app on your iPhone check out this know how on using the Gmail and Google contacts on the iPhone by synchronizing with two sync protocols called CardDAV and CalDAV. This particular knowhow works only on devices running iOS 5.o and later.

Step 1: The first step to syncing your gmail and google contacts is to install or update the gmail app on your iPhone. The new gmail app update features multiple account support, extensive overall redesign and infinite scrolling option which would definitely add ease to your mailing experience.

Step 2: The second step involves syncing the google contacts with the iPhone. The following step procedure has to be followed- Settings in iOS->Goto Mail->contacts->tap Add Account and then select Other. Select CardDAV account and in the server field enter and account credentials in Username and password. After entering details, tap next and ensure Contactstoggle is enabled. Finally go back to the contacts app. The syncing should start now.

Step 3: This step is necessary in case you have any other previously configured iCloud service that syncs your contacts. In this step you have to designate CardDAV as the default account. To do this goto Mail, Contacts, Calendars within the settings app and move to the contacts section and tap Default Account, which will be visible if there are other services synced. Then select the new CardDAV account.

The calendars can be synced following a similar algorithm and by selecting CalDAV instead of CardDAV. After doing this it would be a breeze utilizing Gmail on your iPhone too.