How To Use Google Maps With Siri- Tips And Tricks

Siri for the uninitiated is an intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator which is an application for iOS. Siri is like your helping mate which sources out information to help you in getting an answer to what you are searching, makes recommendations and includes lot of other helpful features. Its even claimed to reflect adaptive technology by being adaptive to user’s individual preferences over time and present personalized results. The Siri was originally introduced as an application for iOS.

Many of you would have heard of how Apple maps are misleading in actuality. In fact civilian bodies have even called for the correction of these dangerously misleading errors on the Apple maps. The Siri application is actually a very handy application. But if you try using it for maps it leads to Apple Maps by default when you search for directions. In the face of the recent google maps for iOS frenzy I expect this little how to piece should be helpful.

To move to google maps very easily by passing the Apple maps whenever you are searching for directions just search using the ending words as via transit. These two word additions at the end of your directions search allows for a easy way to by pass the faulty Apple maps and go to many other transit apps wherein you can select the Google Maps app simply.

For you here is a video tutorial for the same from jailbreak.