How Wireless Charging Works in Nokia Lumia

Nokia Lumia charging style coming up in the new version of phones with Windows 8 is a unique feature towards which users are looking at. In this post we will tell you that how this charging technique works. The whole mystery lies in the new charging shell which Nokia Lumia phones are using nowadays.


There is no button which is attached to these shells, you will see that this shell is similar to a hard mobile phone cover which you can change whenever you want to and Nokia has released them in different variety of colors. As of now there are only 4 devices known which can be used to charge this phone, they are listed below.

  • Nokia Wireless Charging Plate,
  • Nokia Wireless Charging Pillow by Fatboy,
  • Nokia Wireless Charging Stand, and
  • The JBL PowerUp Wireless Charging Speaker for Nokia.

How Does It Work

Now when talking about the charging principle then it works on the principle of induction, wherein all the charging pads mentioned above act as a bigger coil and when you place your Nokia Lumia over it, then it will act as the secondary smaller coil. The alternating current induces the magnetic field in the transmitter coil which induces a voltage in the receiver and thus the charging starts in your Nokia Lumia.


This technique so much developed that you will not have to precisely put your phone on the pad under a certain area as Nokia has improved the charging area by 80 percent of the charging pad. So, next time when you visit any coffee shop, you might find coffee tables with the induction coil inside them and as soon as you place your phones on them they will start charging. Keeping this in mind Nokia has already partnered with ‘Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’ and ‘Virgin Atlantic’.

Another better point related to this is that now you can use applications or attend video calls while the phone is on charging which is not advised when you charge the phones by the wired connectors these days. So, as of now this charging technique can be seen in Nokia Lumia 820 and 920.