Windows 8 Hybrid HP Envy X2 Review

HP Envy X2 full imageWindows 8 hybrids have crowded the market in recent times post the Windows 8 onset into the computing. Hybrids like Dell XPS 12 have made definite noises in favour of the workability of the Windows 8 hybrid. But most of them have been just satisfactory in their performance. So when reviewing the HP Envy X2, I wasn’t having my hopes too high. But on a contrary the HP Envy X2 actually started looking promising. For more on whether it lives up to its promise check out the review of the HP Envy X2.

HP Envy X2 bodyMachineHappy Speak: The HP Envy X2 as an Windows 8 hybrid manages to show promise at its uncovering itself because of the very simple fact that you can’t make out that the Envy X2 has a detachable dock untill and unless you know that its a hybrid with a dock. This was the feature which got my eye rolling for more. Keep reading through the specs to know more.

Design Speak: The HP Envy X2 is designed a lot like the Apple Macbook Air when it is set up as a laptop. Its silver aluminum finish is almost exactly the same color and texture. When it’s set up like a laptop, the x2’s power button and volume controls are set on the sloped edges of the aluminum lid, behind the screen. Volume controls can be used with the keyboard, and a press of the Windows key wakes the x2 from sleep . In tablet mode, the controls are aesthetically and functionally placed so that the user doesnot suffer any discomfort while using them.

Specs Speak:

Display Speak: The display of the HP Envy X2 is dimensioned at 11.6 inches which makes it just in between the ideal HP Envy X2 dockdisplay sizes for a laptop as well as a tablet. Although as a tablet it might be oversized, but than keeping it below that makes it really an oddity when docked up with the dock to be put up as a laptop.

The IPS display’s contrast is seriously lacking, so blacks and whites both look a little grayer than they should. However it is an excellent touchscreen which is  totally responsive to gestures and taps.

The HP Envy X2 features a resolution of 1366 x 768 which is competitive in a laptop, but its as a tablet that the resolution creates a not so impressive impact, because when you are using it as a tablet its very obvious that the screen will be closer to your eyes than when you use it as a laptop. At close ups the text looks blurry and only at a definite position the 1080p screen can be used for excellent and optimal movie viewing.

Sound, Camera & Action: The speakers on the HP Envy X2 feature the infamous Beats Audio. But that’s all it really does, feature beats audio but the beats are hardly hearable. Reason? The main reason the beats audio on the HP Envy X2 fails to deliver is because the speakers are cleverly hidden below the bezel surface of the screen and as a result are mostly prone to be covered with the hands while using as a tablet and by the dock surface while using as a laptop. Apart from that the audio levels on the HP Envy X2 is so low that any audio is hardly audible.

There are two cameras featured on the X2. The back camera is an 8MP camera that is of good use as a image shooter, that is when you are using the HP Envy X2 as a tablet. But then I hardly think most of us will be caught taking pictures with a tablet which is really cumbersome. The front end camera is meant to be a webcam. But the best it does is provide you a workable service and nothing more.

The action on the HP Envy X2 is definitely in its dock. The very fact as I mentioned that you won’t know if it has a detachable dock if you hadn’t known that it is a hybrid speaks volumes about the efficacy of the dock. The dock features the same size, color, and material as the tablet, and has a sturdy hinge that connects easily and holds tight. The 1.5-pound dock (in addition to the 1.5-pound tablet) adds a keyboard and trackpad to the x2, plus a handful of ports. The proprietary charger plugs into the right side, next to a USB 2.0 port and a full-size SD card slot. There’s another USB 2.0 port on the left side — no USB 3.0 anywhere, unfortunately — plus a full-size HDMI port and a headphone jack.

In comparison to happening hybrids like the Dell XPS 12 or the Toshiba Satellite the action on the dock of the HP Envy X2 really packs a punch.

Price Speak: The HP Envy X2 is priced at $849.99

MachineHappy Cut:

The HP Envy X2 is a good Windows 8 hybrid that works a fine balance between being a tablet and a laptop but misses out on a general user’s wishlist because of the less than high end media options on it.

I rate it:

Design- 4/5